So you are thinking of getting married at FGT and would like to know what is involved?

Your decision to marry is a lifetime commitment! As you begin this lifelong journey together, it is a commitment we at FGT desire to help you to keep.

FGT will officiate the wedding ceremony only upon all pre-requisites being met. Kindly click below.


FGT has been licensed to act as Assistant Registrar by the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN).  In adhering to JPN’s requirements, all wedding ceremonies must be conducted in the church premises.

May God richly bless you both individually, and as a couple, as you begin to plan for that exciting and rewarding journey towards being man and wife. For further enquires, please contact Ps Gaik Sim at 03-80242270 or via email at  

Marriage Ceremony Pre-Requisites

The following pre-requisites must be met, to get married at FGT:

(1) Both parties must be born-again.

(2) Both parties must be water-baptized

(3) At least one party must be a member of FGT.

(4) Both parties must have been a member of a Cell Group for at least six (6) months before any application for marriage can be submitted.

(5) Both parties must attend the FGT Pre-marital Course conducted once a year.

(6) Your application for marriage must be submitted to the church office at least six (6) months before the proposed wedding date

(7) The couple must be in good moral standing.

(8) All applications must be recommended by the relevant Cell Group Coordinator.  Recommendations will be based on regular attendance and character references.