Ephesians 3:20 - God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us

Growing Up in FGT

MichellePhongI was a teenager when I first came to FGT 28 years ago, so I literally ‘grew up’ here. On my very first Sunday Service, God spoke to me through the music played on the keyboard saying, “This is the Church I want you to belong”. That morning, I made the decision to belong to FGT. read more…

Healed From Breast Cancer

IndiaHealingI am Kousalya. I had a little pain in my chest in January 2015 so I went to the hospital to check. It was diagnosed as breast cancer. I was totally dejected and thought my life is finished!

Ps Sudharshan was coming to pray in my village and I had heard that the Christian prayer will heal my body. read more…

The Unseen Head

BaiahOn 16th June 2012, I was given the letter of promotion to be the principal of SMK Tropicana, a low band five school occupying the bottom 12% position among all secondary schools in the nation. I received the letter with a mixed feeling as I asked myself how low it could go in the city centre of Petaling Jaya, next to the high end township of Bandar Utama and Tropicana Club Residence.

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God Healed & Provided!

I am Mario, a South African from Portuguese origin. Married to Asha, an Indian from Nagaland, we run Remar International in Chennai where we provide long term residential help to widows and orphans. We also aid men living on the margins of society. We have 2 children, Athissii and Deborah.

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Lump Gone!

YatSoon2 I remember vividly that it was on the evening of 18th Sept 2014 that I discovered a lump underneath my right arm pit while showering. At first I was a bit worried, but then decided I will consult a doctor the following day.

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Vocal Cord Growth Disappeared!

Sia A few months ago, my dad felt some discomfort when he tried to speak louder. He decided to see an ENT specialist in University Hospital. The specialist did a bronchoscope and found an abnormal growth at his bottom left vocal cord.
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What a Faithful God He Is!

PsVoon Last weekend was special for me and Swee Leng as we witnessed our twins’ graduation at Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang. Although the Sultan of Selangor, who was Chancellor was there to present the certificates, this was not the special thing.
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A Fulfilling Pursuit

Johanna2 My name is Johanna, a third-year architecture student currently pursuing studies overseas. 2014 has been an amazingly blessed year, even more so for all the challenges I’ve encountered. This testimony is just a brief overview of God’s goodness during my time overseas in 2014.
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God Is Near Me

Joyce Hi, my name is Joyce Lim. My year has been quite an eventful year – a year full of uncertainties – and my walk with God wasn’t great. Though I knew I could trust Him, it was more head knowledge than true faith.

God Brought Me Friends

Anna “And if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”, it is stated in Matthew 21:22.

How often do we ask though, in complete faith that we shall receive? I know of one too many times when I cry out in complete desperation for something but rooted deep in my heart is a fragment of disbelief.

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Pastor Ely

PsEly First of all, I thank the Lord for leading me to this church. It is a great privilege and a challenge to be part of a church I can call home. The Lord did not just make me a member but a shepherd of his flock.

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Pastor Peter Cung

Prayer3 It is my great joy to give thanks to the Living God who calls me into His holy ministry.

He is the God who called and gave me a vision of church planting and connected me to FGT. Before joining FGT, I had a vision of planting churches in Myanmar.

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Pastor Francis

3542125846_9406147b0a_z Confucius said – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

I would like to borrow his statement and make a small amendment by saying “When you choose a job in the right place, you will never have regrets but love”.

This statement is not an exaggeration but is a true testimony. All thanks to God for giving me the privilege to work with FGT

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Pastor Jenny

JennyLiew My name is Jenny Liew. I am the Children’s Church pastor in the main church. This coming 15 Jan 2015 I would have completed 20 years of fulltime service in FGT! I feel so blessed to be serving God full time because

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