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Date Sermon Notes Audio Speaker
09 Apr 2017 Rules, Rules and More Rules  audio_xs Lee Choong San
26 Mar 2017 The Ministry of Paul  audio_xs Timothy Wong
26 Feb 2017 My Amazing Jesus – Christ Preeminent  audio_xs Bernard Tan
19 Feb 2017 Being the Church for the Terminal Generation  audio_xs Ps Colin Hurt
12 Feb 2017 Christian Character and Maturity  audio_xs Ps Gaik Sim
04 Dec 2016 5 Ways to Live a Fulfilled Life  audio_xs Lim Wai Hin
27 Nov 2016 Finding Happiness in an imperfect world  audio_xs Bernard Tan
20 Nov 2016 Restoring Broken Relationships: When God Steps In  audio_xs Shanker
13 Nov 2016 Final Destination  audio_xs Timothy Wong
23 Oct 2016 Children: Eight Essential Vitamins for your kids  audio_xs Bernard Tan
16 Oct 2016 Peer Pressure: Who Will You Allow To Influence Your Heart?  audio_xs Shanker
09 Oct 2016 Money: Handle or be Handled by Wealth  audio_xs Lee Choong San
02 Oct 2016 Holding on to Your Dream  audio_xs Ps Terry Appel
18 Sept 2016 Difficult Times – Rolling with the Punches of Life  audio_xs Bernard Tan
14 Aug 2016 Self-Control: Subduing your Flesh through the Spirit  audio_xs Lim Wai Hin
17 July 2016 Storms Are Coming  audio_xs Ps Jerry David